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Gear reviews, travel guides, and pixelated postcards, all hot off the press. Not that we actually have a press. This is a blog. It’s a figure of speech. Like Abraham Lincoln. But if we did have a press, these are the items that would still be warm, having recently come off of aforementioned press. 

Groves & Coves is an adventure travel blog for powderhounds and wave chasers, outdoor lovers and digital nomads.


When an outdoor writer (Drew, dude with beard) and an outdoor photographer (Katie, gal with camera) fall in love and build a van together, there’s an obvious next step on the path to full cliché. And it’s not getting a dog. Sorry, Katie.

We started a blog. This blog. Ta-da!

This site has been stewing since 2018, when we built out Acorn, our portly, chimney-crowned Chevy Express, to chase adventure more comfortably—and haul a shitload of surf, snow, trail, rock, and fishing gear. Since then, we’ve road tripped from Canada to Mexico and all around the American west. And while Acorn’s still our beloved adventure rig and mobile gear closet, he’s getting old and creaky, and so are we. In the summer of 2021, we moved to the Sierras, eager to put down permanent roots in a range that’s a quick drive to the coast. We also desperately wanted a toilet to call our own. That said, travel will still be central to our lives—now, we just have a basecamp to come home to.

So why a blog? Professionally, we write and shoot for the best outdoor publications around—Outside, Backcountry Magazine, Men’s Journal, REI, Matador Network, Popular Mechanics, Gear Junkie, Whitelines, and The Snowboarder’s Journal among them. And over the years, we’ve had the chance to work on a few stories together, Drew slinging the ink, Katie snapping the shutter. Those projects have always been the most fulfilling, and we wanted to continue creating together. We wanted a platform to share our stories, our way: gritty, irreverent, unfiltered.

So welcome to Groves & Coves, compadres. Kick-off your shoes, grab a beer, make yourself at home. Scout out your next snow and surf trips as we introduce you to our favorite getaways. Find gear you need—or at least really, really want—all thoroughly tested and reviewed. Chuckle at our misadventures, escape the drudgery of another day at the office, and get inspired to hit the road in search of snow, surf, or any other soul-sating substance you please (so long as it’s legal).

Gear Closet

We’re obsessed with gear. So much so that we love geeking out on tech specs almost as much as we do putting gear to use in the field. Whether you’re a fellow gear nerd or a total newbie, our in-depth gear reviews will get you dialed for your next adventure. Our goal? To help you answer the who, what, when, where, and why of each product. Dive into our digital gear closet below.

Rest Stops

Find your home away from home at these Groves and Coves-approved rest stops. From ski-in, ski-out backcountry lodges to remote, surf-front bungalows, these adventure-ready accommodations are surefire bets for your next adventure.

Explore hotels in forest settings.

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